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Warm Ups

Warm up before physical activity. Prior to doing physical work, warm up and stretch to get your body moving. Focus on the major muscle groups including your legs, arms, back and shoulders. Even 2 to 5 minutes is enough to get started.

Strength Exercises for a Healthy Back

Our core is made up of muscles in the abdomen and sides, mid and lower back, and pelvis. These muscles work together to support our movement and are particularly important to support our back when we lift, move, and go about our daily work.  A stronger core leads to better balance and posture and reduces […]

New to Chiropractic? What you can expect.

What stops someone from trying something new? Sometimes it is a sense of comfort in a certain way they’ve always done things. Other times it is a concern about what others will think. And for others it’s a lack of understanding about what they can expect. Sometimes what we don’t understand can keep us from […]


Headaches are a common inconvenience for many people living in Saskatchewan. They can seemingly strike at any time. Nearly 90 per cent of women and about 70 per cent of men will get a tension headache during their lifetime, while 37 per cent of women and 21 per cent of men experience them regularly. Most […]

Staying Active During the Winter

You go outside, only to find your hands freezing and nose running. You drive to work in the pitch-black of darkness and step outside after a long day on the job, only for it to be dark again. It can be hard to stay motivated and committed to fitness and activity during the winter months. […]


Saskatchewan chiropractors are seeing a rise in head, neck and back pain caused by poor posture from using digital devices.These strains and pains associated with texting and spending time on hand-held devices have been dubbed ”tech neck”. Thanks to our love for technology, this condition isn’t going away anytime soon. Why Does Tech Neck Matter? […]

Back Health for Frequent Drivers

Our province is beautiful – and expansive – making driving necessary to get where we need to be. Whether it’s grabbing your commuter cup full of piping, hot coffee and heading to work in the morning or piling the kids in the car and heading to soccer practice or the rink, driving is a fact […]

Office Stretches

Do you sit at a desk or computer for a good portion of the day? Sitting at your desk or computer for a lengthy period of time can lead to muscle tension, fatigue, and occasionally pain. Proper workspace set-up and ergonomics are important in avoiding pain while working at your desk or computer. Try moving and […]